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The Tamil Competition 2017 - Awards Ceremony (New South Wales) is on the 15th of October @ 5:00 PM

The Tamil competitions have been held for the last twenty years in New South Wales and 8 years in other states and territories of Australia and New Zealand

The Australian Society of Graduate Tamils had taken over this Herculean task from the 10th year. This competition is now extended to all States in Australia and New Zealand from 2006, as `Australasian Competitions'.


The Tamil Competition 2017 - Awards Ceremony (New South Wales)

5:00 PM on the 15th of October, 2017
Ryde Civic Centre
1, Devlin St, Ryde, NSW 2112

Prestige Awards of Tamil competitions

The main aim of the Tamil competition is to encourage the Tamil kids and youths to learn Tamil language and our culture. In order to achieve this goal, we reward the kids for their achievements, a big or small. The Tamil competition committee awards over 500 prizes to the participants, according to their merit. A number of types of awards are given every year. The details of the prizes are given below. Kids can win the prizes and the prizes are donated by the parents, well-wishers and Tamil associations in Australia.

GOLD MEDAL: Gold medals are awarded to the 1st prize winners in the Tamil competitions in certain categories at the National level. 10 gold medals are awarded every year in Poetry (lower division), Thirukkural (Advanced Senior Division), Speech (Intermediate, Senior & Advanced Senior Divisions) and Writing competitions (lower, Intermediate, Senior, Advanced Senior and Youth Divisions). Until 2010, 45 gold medals have been awarded to top performers in the above categories. The gold medals are donated by well-wishers and Tamil organisations in Australia. The cost of a single gold medal is about Aus. $300.00.

PERPETUAL OR MEMORIAL SHIELDS: The perpetual or memorial shields are awarded to the 1st prize winner in state level competitions. In 2010, 32 perpetual or memorial shields were awarded in Sydney alone. The perpetual or memorial shields are also donated by well-wishers (in memory of a deceased member of their family or friend) and other Tamil Organisations in Australia. The winners will keep the shields for a year and return them. Donations for these shields are $175.00 (first year) and thereafter $75.00 per year.

TROPHIES: All participants (under 8 years old) will receive a trophy and a certificate.
TAMIL BOOKS: Tamil books are also given as prizes for participants over 9 years.
CERTIFICATES: All participants will receive certificate as 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes or Grades A, B and C for their participation.



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